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So you’ve subscribed to our Shelf Cooking Meal Plan…


Let’s walk through it together!

Watch this short video for a deep dive into your Shelf Cooking Meal Plan Subscription!

In this video, Jordan covers everything you need to know about your subscription: what’s included, how to navigate the Meal Plan website, and how you can make the most of your subscription so you can STOP stressing over dinnertime and start enjoying it!

Let’s get to it!

Step 1: Save Your Login Email

You’ve signed up and received your login email. Perfect! For easy access moving forward, we recommend saving or flagging that email so that you can easily access your meal plan and login information moving forward. And make sure to add our email address as a contact to keep us from going to your spam box!

We also highly recommend signing up for our weekly text reminders! To get a link each Friday to the upcoming week’s meal plan, text “mealplan” to (855) 909-0600.

Step 2: Login & Grab Your Plan!

After logging into your plan, go to “This Week’s Plan” on the site to access the meals for the week. From that page, you have the option to download the entire week’s plan at once, or print individual recipes.

The full week download includes everything you need to totally crush dinnertime! In it, you will find all of your recipes, an organized grocery list, and of course, our secret sauce: your shelf cooking Prep Plan. The Prep Plan will guide you through any prep tips or time-savers you may need to save your sanity and reduce your future mealtime workload! Trust us, the more you follow this plan, the more your subscription will be a life saver for you!


Step 3: Explore & Grow

Once you feel like you’ve got the hang of things here, we encourage you to explore the other amazing resources available to you on our Meal Plan site! We hope this can be your hub for go-to kitchen tips & learning.

Need an ingredient substitute stat? Check out our Substitution Glossary to find a sub for almost any ingredient you can think of!

Just want to improve your shelf cooking skills? We’ve loaded up our Kitchen Hacks page with all of our most useful shelf cooking tips and tricks.

And don’t miss out on our Printables page where you can download and print some staple worksheets that will help you keep inventory of what you have so you can save more, do more, and basically become a shelf cooking pro!


Step 4: Need a Hand?

If you find yourself with any questions, please head to our Help & Contact page where we’ve answered all of our most frequently asked questions.

You are also always welcome to contact our team directly by email at [email protected] – we love getting to meet all of you!

Your feedback is always appreciated as well, so don’t hesitate to let us know if you think there is something we can do to improve. We want this plan to work for you!