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Mealtime.. UGHH! You know it means more messes, more work, and less time for everything else on your list..  Stressed mama, meet your new bestie: the Shelf Cooking Meal Plan.


all the head-work done for you

Imagine this: Your meals planned, grocery list made, and a “prep plan” to simplify meal prep! All tied up in a pretty little PDF package!

Save Time and Money

Spend less time scrolling through Pinterest for ideas & more time enjoying delicious meals YOU made using what you already have on hand!  

Start Enjoying Family Mealtime

With less focus on WHAT you’re serving, you can focus on HOW to create positive experiences with your family & start enjoying mealtime!


Every week you get..

  • Recipes for 5 dinners, 5 sides, & 2 desserts
  • Grocery list with substitution options
  • “Prep Plan” with daily meal prep checklists
  • Notes for simplified prep & cooking 
  • Daily “Table Talk” prompts for the family



1. Sign Up

Get access to our weekly meal plan by joining RISK FREE. If you don’t save at least the amount of your monthly subscription within your first month following the plan, we will FULLY refund your purchase!


2. Check it out!

Receive a fresh batch of shelf cooking recipes each week along with a grocery guide and “Prep Plan” to print and keep handy, making mealtime a breeze every day. I’ll send you a text and email reminder when the next week is ready!



You’re all set to start cookin’ like Grandma used to! Enjoy making delicious meals for your family without the stress of rigid meal planning or multiple exhausting trips to the grocery store each week!

check out the plan!

Tap or swipe through for a peek inside one of our weekly meal plans!

Meal Plan Overview Page

One of the first pages you will see. It provides you with a quick overview of the meal plan leaving room for you to write in any desserts you might want to sprinkle throughout your week!

Grocery List

Your grocery list page breaks down all of the ingredients you need for the week, but REMEMBER the goal is to shop your shelves before the store, so to save you from unecessary expenses, we include recommended subsitutions in our recipes for many ingredients and provide a separate list of pantry staples that you are more likely to already have on hand.

Weekly Prep Plan

We know that recipes alone don’t solve mealtime overwhelm; organization & preparation do, so every week we lay out a few easy tasks you can do each day to prepare you for the coming meals, making dinnertime a breeze!

Annotated Recipes

With each recipe, we include helpful notes to make meal prep a breeze, freezing & reheating instructions, &  “table talk” conversation starters so that you can make the most of family time around the dinner table!



  • Scrambling to put dinner together last minute.
  • Overspending on groceries each week.
  • Burning out over meal prep and clean-up.
  • Letting leftovers go to waste.
  • Struggling to decide what’s for dinner each day.
  • Wasting money on take-out or prepackaged meals.



  • Looking forward to family meal time.
  • Saving hundreds on groceries each month.
  • Making the most of your leftovers.
  • Enjoying delicious homemade meals.
  • Prepping for meals ahead of time.
  • Waking up knowing dinner is planned.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people does each recipe serve?

Our recipes typically serve about 4-6 people, but quantities can easily be adjusted by halving or doubling to fit your family’s needs!

Do I need any special equipment?

Short answer, no! We believe that you can make things work with what you have, but many of our meals recommend the use of a slow-cooker and other common kitchen tools.

How much will my groceries cost each week?

Great question with an easy answer: YOU choose your budget! We designed our plan to accommodate EVERY budget – that is the beauty of shelf cooking! Our recipes are tailored to rely on the basic pantry essentials. If you’re already stocked up on the essentials, you might even be able to get by without a grocery trip one week! It’s definitely possible to get by with what you have, but our recipes are supplemented with a few fresh ingredients each week – providing meals that are  both wholesome & frugal for your family.

Do you provide gluten-free or vegan meal plans?

While we do not have separate meal plans for those with specific dietary needs, our plan is designed to be adaptable. In fact, we would love to see how you use shelf cooking to adapt recipes to your needs!

What about picky eaters? Will my kids like it?

We hear you loud and clear, sister! We have picky kids too and want them to eat! Keeping our meal plan family friendly is extremely important to us as we design each week’s meal plan. Our meals offer a variety of delicious family dinners that have been tried and tested in our own homes.

Once I purchase the plan, can I go back to view previous recipes and plans?

In order to protect the value of our meal plans, you will only see the current week’s recipes each week when you login to your account; however, we recommend printing your recipes and storing them in a recipe binder for you to enjoy over and over!

How do I access my plan?

After purchasing, you will receive an email with a link to login to your account. You can access your plan by visiting this site anytime, anywhere! Every Friday morning, we will send out a reminder email to check out the upcoming week’s meal plan and grocery list. We recommend bookmarking this site on your browser or smart phone for easy access!

How much clean up will there be?

Oof, I understand your concern here.. the last thing we want to do at the end of the day is make another mess to clean up, right?? We thought about this when creating this meal plan! All of the prep work is laid out for you in your weekly “Prep Guide” which helps you prepare for future meals ahead of time, cutting down on dirty dishes & clean-up each day! And if you have kiddos, don’t carry the burden of clean-up alone! We encourage you to consider mealtime a family activity. Not only will you grow closer as. a family, but your kids will be learning lifetime skills as well!

Do I get rewarded for referring my friends?

So glad you asked! We absolutely want to show our appreciation when you invite your friends to our #shelfcooking community! Keep an eye out for our referral rewards program coming soon!

How is this different than other meal plans?

We aren’t just giving you a bunch of recipes and saying good luck – that’s what Pinterest is for! We know that what you’re really needing is structure. Let US do the brain work of organizing meals to use up your ingredients and reduce waste, mapping out grocery lists, figuring out how to prep ahead, and collecting delicious recipes your whole family will love (with options for substitutions, so you have the option to use what you have before spending money on what you don’t need). All of this tied up in a pretty little PDF package!

Do you provide nutritional information?

We do not provide nutritional information with our recipes, but we can assure you that we would never include a meal that we wouldn’t put on the table for our own families as well!